Blessed is the man that endureth temptation for
when he is tried he shall receive the crown of life.

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RealMen’s vision is to practically equip men for the purpose of strengthening families & churches, being part of the greater community while growing, and developing Godly men for His service.

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RealMen is a men’s ministry dedicated to the spiritual awakening of men….

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What Breed of Man are You?

A motto I once heard goes like this: Winners concentrate on winning, while losers concentrate on just getting by.
If that statement were carved into the granite at the front of a Fortune 500 company, you would nod your head in agreement. Inwardly you might say, Now that’s the way to run a business. I would imagine that company is really a company of excellence. They know how to do things right! Yet when it comes to the family, it’s interesting that most homes today would have to be characterized as losers. Too many marriages have become marred by mediocrity. Children are seen, at best, as a status symbol—a way to achieve something through them that we, ourselves, weren’t able to achieve when we were their age. Too many marriages today are concentrating on “just getting by.” With “squeaking by” as the goal, it is no wonder so many marriages don’t amount to much.

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10 ideas for keeping strong family relationships

“Familiarity breeds contempt.”

“You always hurt the ones you love.”

The timeliness of these old adages speaks volumes. It seems we reserve our unkindest words, do our most thoughtless deeds, are the most mean to those who mean the most to us. And because those close to use care more about what we say and think, those words and actions hurt more deeply. It’s a double whammy.

Because the stakes are so high in the family, we must ensure that our communications not only stay away from the negative, but that they lead everyone to the positive. Here are ten passages of Scripture that can be very helpful in building and maintaining strong family relationships.

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6 non-negotiables for training teenage young men (part 3 of 3)

One of the best things I did was to go on the “offensive” and organize a weekend getaway with my sons as they approached the teenage years. From this experience I developed a package of resources called Passport2Purity to help an adult (father, grandfather, or uncle) discuss the transformational changes that kids will experience in the teen years. Every young man needs to know in advance about the “manhood awakening” that is so powerful it can overwhelm him.

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6 non-negotiables for training teenage young men (part 2 of 3)

A dad’s relationship with his son is the bridge over which truckloads of truth, wisdom, training, and character lessons are driven. If the bridge doesn’t exist, or if it washes out, a boy is dangerously isolated. Dads must keep that bridge in place so the supply lines can flow during the battle. The natural tendency of teenage boys is to push their parents out while inviting peers in. To counter this, dads can map out what their sons like to do and develop common interests so they can enjoy one another and experience life together. Relationships are built as we are transparent and authentic with our sons. Share your failures and struggles, as well as your successes with your son.

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