RealMen Vision

RealMen’s vision is to practically equip men for the purpose of strengthening families & churches, being part of the greater community while growing, and developing Godly men for His service.

Rejects passivity

He’s not apathetic or indifferent about life or God and the things of God. Like Jesus, a real man is always the initiator. He’s constantly vigilant, fully engaged in life and has both his head and heart in the game. He’s not a spectator but a player in the role assigned him by God.

Expects the greater reward

A real man is not looking for instant self gratification or to please and impress others. He’s’ in the spiritual battle for the long haul. He has an eternal perspective and foregoes short term gain for long term reward of receiving his destiny in Heaven with Christ. When final curtain falls on this world stage, he longs to hear Christ say to him, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25:21

Accepts responsibility

He takes responsibility for his choices and actions. He faithfully embraces his responsibilities for the wellbeing of others, starting with his wife and children and takes seriously the vows he makes to nurture, protect and provide for them. He’s a man of duty and honor. He’s accountable to an Audience of One for his thoughts, words, deeds and the motivations of his heart.

Leads courageously

The Bible constantly calls men out and up to be the spiritual leaders of their homes, to love their wives sacrificially and unconditionally, and to spiritually nurture and instruct their children. In carrying out the Great Commission a real man understand his first responsibility is to disciple his wife and children.